I recently traveled to Santa Monica for the Westedge Design Fair to show a new illuminated object at the Furniture Society booth. All the work was beautifully designed and expertly crafted, .I could not have hoped for a better group of people to show with.
Nice looking booth!
Only the coolest people!
Very fun place to show!

Box Beam Light

Box Beam Light
7" x 24" x 61"
Dacron, Ash, Plywood, Light

Box Beam is an exploration of a material and a technique I have never before used.  Taking a cue from structural engineering, the bones of this piece are assembled using pin joints and triangulation resulting in an extremely light weight and durable frame, similar to a box beam turned on end.  The skin is made of Dacron, a synthetic heat shrink fabric typically used in aircraft and high end ultra light kayaks.  The resulting light weight volume was balanced with a mass of solid plywood and represents the economy of efficiency found in engineering scaled to relate to the human body. The piece was re-imagined as an interior lighting source to add a warm glow to any room.

Personal Containment

"Box Psychology"
17" x 11" x 20"
Cherry, Hard Maple.

Intended to be a kind of psychological self portrait, the curved front cover rotates up to allow access to the five drawers inside. This artful storage container matches the Portsmouth Dressing Mirror. This piece serves as an organizer for all the various things one might carry in their pockets on any given day.

Figure In Wood

Figure In Wood
24" x 36" x 22"
Jelutong, Walnut

The "Figured Wood" or "Body Table" project was an experiment in digital carving.  I had a model's body scanned by a special effects company resulting in a high definition 3-D computer model.  I also procured a large slab of Beech cut horizontally from the tree to carve the model from. The huge 4 foot by 6 foot cross section proved too big for the CNC so I reduced the project to 50 percent of life size and milled it from a glued up slab of Jelutong maintaining the contours of the original piece of wood.

The resulting table is my own play on traditional slab work and figurative hand carving.  I modified the computer model and oriented the figure so she appeared to be just emerging from the flat surface, like a bather floating on a calm lake.  I hope to continue this series as time, models, and money permit.

What would a chair look like if it had a life like mine?